İşte F1 2019 Achievement listesi!

F1 2019 Achievement

Xbox One için F1 2019 Achievement listesi bugün yayınlandı. Bakalım F1 2019 Achievement’ları Xbox One sahiplerine kaç puan kazandıracak?

PC, PlayStation 4 ve Xbox One için 28 Haziran 2019 tarihinde çıkacak olan F1 2019, büyük ses getirecek gibi görünüyor. Bir diğer yarış oyunu olan Grid serisinin geliştiricisi Codemasters’ın geliştirdiği F1 2019’un Xbox One’daki Achievement listesi sızdı. Xbox One’da F1 2019 oyununun tüm Achievement’larını topladığınızda 1.000 puanı kazanabileceksiniz.

İşte F1 2019 Achievement listesi

Experience F2Complete your first race with an F2 car in career mode15
Showing Your IntentionsFinish ahead of Lukas or Devon in an F1 race20
Dreams Become RealityComplete the F2 feeder series and start to pursue a move to F130
Assisting DevelopmentComplete an F1 practice programme in Career Mode15
Victory!Get on the F1 podium for the first time25
Second ChanceActivate a Flashback during a race10
Master SkillsComplete an F1 race with all driving assists turned off20
MemoriesPlay a captured highlight10
Not Again, Jeff!Tell Jeff to be quiet10
Manual MasterWin a race whilst using manual transmission15
Car GeekRead information on a car in the showroom15
First Amongst RivalsFinish ahead of Devon and Lukas by the end of an F1 Season50
Personal TouchChoose a player badge10
Love the Look!Obtain a livery for your multiplayer car10
Weekend WarriorComplete a Weekly Grand Prix15
The Whole EventComplete all events in a Weekly Grand Prix30
Featured RacerComplete a Featured Event15
Raining ChampionComplete an F1 Time Trial in wet conditions.15
Season VictoryWin the F1 Drivers’ Championship30
Constructors’ VictoryWin the F1 Constuctors’ Championship30
Feeling SmugGet promoted to first driver30
Perfect StartGet pole position20
Look at Them Go!Set the fastest time in all 3 practice sessions, take pole position and win the Grand Prix30
Reach Level 5Reach Level 5 XP15
Reach Level 10Reach Level 10 XP20
Reach Level 25Reach Level 25 XP30
Reach Level 50Reach Level 50 XP50
Ice CoolComplete a clean race20
Photo FiddlerMake an adjustment within photo mode10
Around the World
Register a time trial entry on every track40
Safe ModeAchieve a safety rating of A in multiplayer mode20
Pure GoldAchieve a Gold skill rating20
Epic DriveComplete a race using the Ferrari F2004 at Monza15
First Ten DownComplete 10 races online10
Monaco VictorWin a 25% distance (or longer) F1 race at Monaco (any difficulty)15
Something to ProveAccept a contract with McLaren or Alfa Romeo20
ContenderAccept a contract with Williams, Racing Point, Renault, Toro Rosso or Haas20
Great ExpectationsAccept a contract with Red Bull, Ferrari or Mercedes20
Exclusive Club MemberWin a 25% distance (or longer) race against Ultimate AI opponents15
League JoinedJoin a league10
You Got One!Win a league medal10
Nice ThreadsChange your driver’s appearance15
F2 RacerComplete the “2018 FORMULA 2 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP” championship event15
Sit Back and RelaxSpectate an online race20
Cool and CalmReach maximum sportsman rating20
You Big Show Off!Reach maximum showman rating20
Seeing it Through to the EndApply all vehicle upgrades from one department20
Early BeginningsComplete the first weekend of an F1 season.25
I Like This OneSet a favourite trophy20
Perfectly ExecutedActivate DRS perfectly on all zones of any track15

F1 2019 Achievement

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